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Current Projects

While currently enrolled full-time at Shenandoah University, earning a BFA in Musical Theatre,

I have some projects going on outside of class that I'm pretty excited about

  • Creative Director and head of Social Media and Marketing for Lilac, a new musical in development at Shenandoah Conservatory exploring themes of friendship, bisexuality, and the power of self-expression as a means to carry oneself through difficult times. 

  • Director of Tell Me Anything, a piece developed for Shenandoah's inaugural Student Performance Week. Tell Me Anything is an intimate and personal glimpse into the commonalities of our human experience, uniting audience and performer on mental health and the universalities of what we all battle in our own heads. Remounting in Fall 2019, the piece is currently in development for future festival submission.

  • Co-creator, editor, and star of RIP Vincent, a comedy miniseries about two conniving New York gals on a murderous quest for vengeance from the mediocre men in their lives.

  • Student producer for Shenandoah's Center for Immersive Learning, currently designing an app for a digital training interface to facilitate roleplayer training for legal, medical, and corporate professionals.

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