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TELL ME ANYTHING Premieres to a Packed, Teary-Eyed Audience

Ali served as the Director of Tell Me Anything, a piece developed in collaboration with writer Emily Foley for Shenandoah's inaugural Student Performance Week. The 10-person ensemble delivered monologues about mental health and relationships based on transcripts from interviews taken during a guided meditation session with the piece's creator, Emily Foley. Quotes from those interviews were extrapolated and worked into monologues, which were then given to Ali to create a piece. Utilizing her background in yoga and meditation, the group created a safe, warm space for performers and audience alike to enter and feel comfortable sharing and being vulnerable with one another.

"Tell Me Anything is an intimate and personal glimpse into the commonalities of our human experience, uniting audience and performer on mental health and the universalities of what we all battle in our own heads."

Remounting in Fall 2019, the piece is currently in development for future festival submission.

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